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[GH2 Cage] ケンピンの儀


カスタムでワンオフでこの世にひとつのブツ見て、カッケー!と騒ぐくせに、大量生産品の圧倒的なスケール -アンドロ軍団とか帝国とか –  にも口元ニヤリなわけで、どんだけ(ry


GHOST 001 GH2 cage検品中。




物を作る以上不良品はやっぱりあるわけで、今後は数必要なときは幾らか余分に作らんとまずいと学習した。製品としては当たり前だけど、カスタムでも ちゃんと意識しないとやってけなさそう。不良率が0.01%だとしても5個必要なら6個作らなきゃいかんってことで。当たり前。



  1. Hi,
    Your product is wonderful! Where to buy it please? thanks from Switzerland.

    • Hi,
      is good? thank you!
      unfortunately, this product was made in limited numbers and all are gone. i have a plan to make one for GH3 now. I’ll introduce it on this blog before long.

  2. Hi muu,
    Thanks for your answer. I am sad of that. Your “ghost” is unique. I am searching all around the net world a good cage for my two GH2, aesthetic and pure and useful… your Ghost is really good. It breathes beauty and design… Why stop it? i need one you know! 😉 Yours! Even if used ! Very difficult to wait now ;-/ Best regards.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I’m glad that a product i made seems to fascinate you.
      even used one is okay? i see, i’ll ask someone bought GHOST. but don’t expect too much;-) regards

  3. Hi muu,
    thanks to try it!
    Just a question : why did you build only fiew pieces of your Ghost cage?
    Talk to you soon.

    • because to make and sell gears are not my business ,just tried my skill in it.

      • Well done muu for a first time! 😉 Thanks.

  4. Hi muu,
    no news, bad news?
    Maybe my question is stupid but perhaps with your CAD files sources could i build one Ghost ?
    It’s not my business. i’m a editor cameraman but with some friends, i can do it or not…
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Thomas,
      sorry late reply, maybe not good news for you.
      i asked guys bought those cages to sell, but couldn’t get good answer.
      (actually it makes me happy because they all are satisfied in them)

      regarding CAD file,
      it’s quite interesting for me.

      i’ll send a email later because it became bit complicate matters on the blog;-)

      • hi muu,
        i’m back and i’m waiting still your news about the possibility to see CAD files about your great cage! Have you made a cage for GH3 compatible GH2 maybe? regards.

      • Hi Tom,
        Ooops,i didn’t send you a email? i’m so sorry I kept you waiting. i decide to give nobody CAD files after considering.

        new cage,,,now,every project are stuck due to my business.
        and, its priority became lower than brushless gimbal rigs or cages for other cameras. i’m sorry to disappoint you..

        btw how about this cage?
        i saw it, quite nice except size(a bit big)

  5. Lord Muu!! You know you can sell these on Ebay right? alot
    of people are talking about your cage here in north America. lots
    of people will pay top dollar for these. No joke, Solid build i
    need one soo bad!! if you can find me even a used one i will be
    very very very happy!!

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